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The word “specials” can mean various things… and we offer all of them.

We offer specialised solutions including personal protection equipment, reprographics and finishing, copier machines, facilities management, products specific for schools, legal products, and audiovisual solutions.

If you need something unusual, ask us. We thrive on challenges. Don’t worry about searching for it all over. Just pick up the phone, and it’s done!

You’ll love the convenience of being able to get everything on one credit account, save on administrative costs, and trust all your requirements to a knowledgeable and experienced partner.

And yes, we also have the “other” kind of special offers and promotions.

Sometimes, we offer coupons for extra savings, sometimes, we offer bonus gifts, and sometimes, we offer special items at great prices. In one of our most popular special promotions, we offer to buy back used office chairs and provide a big discount when customers buy a specific ergonomic chair!

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three kinds Specials

3 Kinds of Specials

We offer 3 different kinds of specials, and you’ll find them all right here. We have a section for clearance items and overstock sales, we have special offers and coupon codes that’ll help you save on any of your purchases, and we do special orders too for any items you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Clearance sales
  • Special orders
  • Special offers & coupon codes

sales1 Specials

Clearance Sales

Sometimes, we buy more of certain items than we sell, and sometimes we simply drop them from our regular selection. And sometimes, we got a great deal on something and want to pass along the savings.  Either way, you benefit. We stash those items in our clearance section, where you can get them for a big discount. And who knows, you might find something you were going to buy anyway… and save big!

  • Overstock items
  • Clearance items
  • Special purchases

orders1 Specials

Special Orders

Can’t find what you want? Let us know and we’ll find it FOR you. We love challenges and will be happy to search far and wide to find what you’re looking for, or something that will be as close as possible. Want a hard-to-find printer? Did your favourite chair wear out? Don’t give up just yet…

  • Special items you can’t find anywhere else
  • Favourite items that no longer seem to exist
  • Something with special features

coupons1 Specials

Coupon Codes

We also have special offers on a regular basis, many of them with coupon codes. The best thing about our coupons is that you can generally use them on your entire purchase, so you can save BIG. Sometimes, we also offer special bonuses or gifts with orders.

  • Special deals on particular items or categories
  • Coupon codes for big discounts
  • Special bonuses and gifts

how1 Specials

How to Get Coupons

So how can you get our coupons, gifts, and special deals? Simply sign up for our weekly newsletter. Our subscriber get them delivered right into their mailbox, along with valuable tips and a special report.  Just go to http://www.officesuppliesexpert.co.uk/save-time-and-money/ and sign up!

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