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About Us

Paper to ink to pens, and we offer so much more.  We provide print and design services, promotional products, furniture, and even catering products.

Best of all, we pride ourselves of our outstanding service and competitive prices.

33428064 s About UsMany businesses waste both time and money shopping around for office supplies.  Are you one of them? Perhaps they even end up not quite getting what they want?

This won’t happen to our customers. They save time and money, and they always get what they need, when they need it, and where they need it.

What if a product they ordered is out of stock? This rarely happens, but if it does, we call them right away to let them know, and recommend a replacement. That’s the kind of customer service you can expect from us.

What about saving time and money?  Did you know that every order costs you about £40 above and beyond the cost of the actual products? From the staff time spent placing and receiving the orders, to any additional delivery and insurance charges, it can add up quickly.  We provide creative solutions and go the extra mile.

Why not save as much as possible by combining orders? You’ll save on time, both yours and that of your staff members, because you won’t have to make those extra calls dealing with multiple deliveries.


We’ll help you SAVE with our FREE Office Supplies Audit!

give us a call on 0800 007 5566 and we’ll set it up!

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What about all the other products and services we offer?

We offer all the office products you could possibly want, and a whole lot more.  We have printed products, including stationery and brochures, personalised promotional items, and furniture, including ergonomic chairs.

Of course we also have catering supplies, including coffee, tea, and snacks. You’ll see more details when you click on the category tabs.

Want to save even more with discount coupons? We include special offers and coupons regularly in our weekly newsletter! You can get it, along with a special report on how to avoid the biggest office supplies mistakes by requesting it here:  http://OfficeSuppliesExpert.co.uk/5-biggest-mistakes-report

And that’s not all! If you take advantage of our Crane challenge, and source most or all your business supplies and services from us, you’ll also get your own bespoke office specialist. They will be able to offer valuable additional services – for no extra charge!

What about our next-day delivery service? How do we make that happen?

For deliveries in the South East London area, we’ll use our own vans. So you’ll get truly personalised service! And that’s not all. Instead of dumping all your packages at your company’s front desk, our drivers will take them to the place you need them, whether it’s the storage room, the copy room, the lunch room, or whatever.

What if you’re further away? You’ll still get all your items the next day – delivered by an overnight delivery service. Oh, and in the unlikely event that you may need to return or exchange something? No problem! We have a no-quibble 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

We care!

We strive to protect our planet with environmentally conscious products and practices. We even help you do the same by picking up your used paper and cartridges for recycling. We also care about our community. We hire locally, and we contribute to local charities.


Our new satellite office service: Click & Collect

We just opened a new satellite office in the Sandwich Discovery Center. For all businesses located there (or even our neighbors nearby), we now offer the new Click & Collect service. Just order by 5:30 PM and pick up your order first thing in the morning on your way to your office.  It’s the ultimate in convenience!

Find out more about it here:


We’re so sure you’ll love us once you’ve experienced our fantastic service that we’d like to invite you to try us at OUR risk. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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